From the recording Metamorphosis (MP3)

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When you reach the end you cannot complain to the manager
No returns, no exchanges
Life is not refundable
Your body is just packaging, sent back for recycling
There never was a warranty
Make the best of it until it’s time to go
When you reach the end you’ll have to turn in all your memories
All the the good ones and the ugly ones will replay through all eternity
And we’ll gather 'round in circles, telling stories of who we thought we were
Are you proud are you embarrassed?
Take one last look and then it’s time to go
It's time to go
When you reach the end you’ll see life is simple carpentry
You’re given all the tools you need to build your own reality
Did you spend our time making heaven?
Or did you make your own hell?
Be honest with yourself, because what you build is where you get to go
When you reach the end it’s true life goes on without you
And the last two thoughts inside of you are: "I'm sorry!" and "I love you!"
And as you fade into a memory, they’ll measure up your heart to see
how much love you kept buried and how much love you were brave enough to show
How much love were you brave enough to show?
How much love are you brave enough to show?