From the recording Love: Cloud Cult (WAV)

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The Show Starts Now

The physicist and the mystic say there's no such thing as time.
If God is now and everywhere, why's it so hard to find?
I wanna be the guy who lives in the moment, not so lost in my mind.
So I guess my show starts now. My show starts now

Grandma said it don't matter where we go to or come from.
She said, "Worry about what you're made to do not what you're made of."
They say we're made of chaos. I say we're made of love.
And that's why our show starts now. Our show starts now.

Hold your breath for a better day, and you'll never learn how to breathe.
You're afraid of the dark, but that's where you learn to see.
Your no good to the living if you're too afraid to bleed.
And that's why your show starts now Your show starts now.